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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Have you ever been here before, has life ever pulled you away from yourself?
How does one walk forward into chaos knowing what it is?
To know your devil and to face it are entirely removed from each other.
I’m falling fast, hard and painfully.
I feel my nails grating against the steel walls
I feel my legs treading as if in water
My arms flinging to either side of me
My head shaking in denial
The question in it impossible but viable
How do you stop the inevitable?
Where does comfort remain in a force like lightning?

Swift, powerful, restrained yet free

What are you doing to me?
Bring me love without a partner
One heart, one soul, no blend, no empathy
He can’t love me, has no desire to do so.
I can’t say I don’t love him, myth and lie in one

Stop falling, I scream to myself
Stop falling, he won’t help you up
Stop falling, let self-preservation kick in at any time
Stop falling, isn’t the nature of falling uncontrollable
Stop falling, I can’t