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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Artists - Those with Sight

The concept of the artists is the first stage of reconciling the inequality of the world as far as creation is concerned.  We live in a society that in some instances value art for the wrong reasons.  The human spirit is a treasure trove of beauty and beautiful instances.  However we as a species sometimes condemn creation and invalidate it based on conventions that should be explored because of how rich they make the content that is given. Art is popularity not art. Many of the leading societal structures in the world have a very rudimentary appreciation for art as it stands and for the sake of. It gets dolled off as frivolous and unnecessary.  And yet most of our living world as it stands and is imagined is a product of an artistic mind. Without art nothing of what we have would exist.  From household appliances to all of our technological advances. We would be bereft of homes, cars, buildings. In the beginning there was art.  Creation and the desire to create drawn on cave walls is the beginning of our gradual evolution into communication. Without art we are without.

So I present the first selection. Those with sight.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

So Suddenly

Resurrection drawn in oil pastels 1995

It always happens so suddenly, takes my breath and humbles me
As I fall down to my knees, I can’t believe you’re here with me
I look around and take in despair, glad to know that you still care
Feeling sorry for those who don’t see, the love of you setting us free

So Suddenly I was put to the test
So foolishly I denied to myself what was best
My arrogance overwhelmed my thought
Silly of me to let myself be bought

Always happens so suddenly someone not wanting me to be free
Always happens in a glance, another person taking that chance

Always happens in a blink of an eye, someone’s truth another’s lie
Suddenly you realize, that you can’t live outside His eyes

So suddenly life didn’t make any sense
Words had no meaning vowels no consonance
I was you and you were me
Inside I was sad, alone and ugly

My mind spun out of control
Not even aware of my own soul

So suddenly a calm settled over my heart
No longer was my mind being pulled apart

Ask so I held on in my heart and believed
And the way is true cause I opened and received
So suddenly it happens so suddenly you know where you must go
You know where you belong, you know

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Dance (sketchbook) ebony pencil 1993

Beyond the pale of comparison
Beyond the light of hope and dark
Light of wind and break of day
Dawn of the moon, pale of the sun
Ray of light dash of hope
The eve of glory, before the light of time
Time of the moon, journey of the sun
Stars behold in jealousy, yet the sun shines on
Our small crater, our planet revolves
In this life I recall the face of joy
Joy of being, joy of light

Beyond the pale of comparison
Beyond the light of hope and dark
In the mist of the shadows at the break of day
In the essence of time your face stays plain
Light of the wind and break of day
Dawn of the moon, pale of the sun

In your eyes the joy of light
In your touch the joy of being
The eve of glory, before the light of time

Beyond the pale of comparison
In you, the light will always shine

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Last Time (1992-1998)

Clash colored pencil drawn 1993

The last time I felt a warm rain I thought of your touch
The light sweet feel of it’s caress telling me why I miss you so much
The last time I saw the sky steak with the first rays of the sun I remembered your smile
The natural beauty of it slightly indescribable someplace beyond grace and style

The last time I heard thunder rock the sky I heard your voice
The majesty of it always stopped my thoughts and taken away my sense of choice
The last time I watched the ripples of a lake I remembered that you weren’t rally mine
I can watch you move without anyway of changing your course and pretend that it’s just fine

The last time I saw a bird take flight I felt that fragile emotion that holds me to you
I understood that as solid and on the ground as it is, it could one day fly away too
The last time I watched a candle burn I realized that I never wanted this to end
But I couldn’t deny that we could be gone, easily whiffed out in the next strong wind

The last time you kissed me, I felt the sadness in your heart
I remember well because it was the first time your kiss had ever been tart
The last time we made love I saw the hesitance in your eyes
Something about how you looked at me made me want to set you free and cut all ties

The last time you laughed with me is such a distant memory it can’t be recalled
I know when it came to mind how unhappy you were my skin crawled
Amazing how it’s all so vivid now, after everything I can catch every sign
Funny how now it actually makes sense that you said goodbye when I saw you that last time

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Calm at the Center of the Storm (1992-1998)

Dragons watercolor painted 1998

Think about what’s between us and know what it means
Think about every thought of us and every dream
Think about this peace we share every time we are close to each other
Think about how you’ll never find that with another

The calm at the center of the storm is what we are
The serenity and beauty of what we have we can never mar

Think about me as being a part of you
Think about me and plan your decisions for two
Think about yourself and what you could miss
Think about the moment we touch and the world dissolves to bliss

The calm at the center of the storm is what we are
The peace that can’t even be wished for on a falling star

You’ve thought about our rocky beginning and contemplate an end
But you forget something can’t stop unless its weak enough to bend
Every law of love and friendship we were able to defy
Every one who said that this wasn’t real and would eventually die
But they disappear as soon as one or the other enters
Because in every storm there is calm at the center

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pray Through the Night (1992-1998)

Misery watercolor 1998

Lay me down to sleep on this night
Pray my soul to keep till the morning light
I need you by my side can’t let you go
Hold me in your arms till you know

Pray through the night that you’ll stay with me
To the Lord up high that you never leave
Pray through the night that I have your love
To the Lord up high that’s blessed from above

Heaven forbid you falling out of love with me
Lord keep your heart from setting me free
Let the bonds of love never sever
So we can hold each other and be in love forever

Pray through the night for the dreams we share
To the Lord up high for the love we bare
Pray through the night for our times apart
To the Lord up high for the gift of your heart

Calling your name, loud and in vain
Hoping you know from where the cry came
Seeing the faith and hope light in your eyes like a flame
Pushing away the all consuming sorrow and crippling pain

As I say a little prayer for the Lord up high
Let me see your face once more before I die
Please keep me on this earth long enough to know
That if I die you are sure to soon follow

I fall to my knees in a silent plea
Praying that you’ll always stay with me
Clinging to hope like dark does to light
As usual I kneel and pry through the night

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Love

I wrote this when I was 16, in love for the first time and just not understanding of the ways of the world, of suffering and strife.  It made me feel like I was being spoken to by some thing beyond me and that it was a lesson to remember.  So I give these words to you.  May they fill you with the hope and joyous sense of wonder I found myself paralyzed with as a teenager when I reread it nearly nightly.  

Before God and myself, I tell my story
Before my heart and my soul, I give leeway
Before this earth and it’s creatures, I hold court
I request a boon, a favor if you must
I ask only for forgiveness because it is necessary
I request love because it has all we have lost
In love there is faith, beautiful, glorious, blind faith
In love there is hope, a prayer for happiness beyond earthly confines
In love there is tolerance, differences matter not in it’s face
In love there is joy, an entity as elusive as wind, coming and going at it’s own pleasure
In love there is life, a gift we have forgotten to treat as such
In love there is beauty undeniable to the point of ensuing blindness
In love there is sorrow, without which the beauty does not exist
In love there is the essence of hell tempered by the breath of heaven
In love there is chaos, free as a bird, destructive as fear
In love there is peace, what we truly crave
In love is what I truly ask, don’t fear it’s gain, be terrified of it’s loss
So just be      In Love.