Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gallery of Past Art: Herself Myself

Today's piece is Herself Myself

I've always experienced a sense of duality within myself. Its a study of masks and how we portray ourselves in the world and what is true within ourselves. Needless to say I believe identity is and should be an ongoing pursuit for all people. In many ways my writing confronts this on another level. However before my pen became mature enough to relate this, my art always seemed to encapsulate what I needed to express.

Herself Myself was started as a rough pencil sketch that I then fleshed out with chalk pastels. 

In this self portrait both women are me. This is the face I show the world, brash foreword facing exposed and unapologetic in the stance.

The other is the hidden me who is afraid vulnerable hiding behind the other and sorry for even existing, always striving for perfection knowing its utter impossible and unattainable nature.