Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I sometimes wonder about you
Something in the way you stare
When I get ‘I love you’ out of mid air
Am I truly that lucky, more love than I can bare

I wonder about your mask, the face you hide
Why is there apart of you that you hold inside
I then want to know all there is to know
To be told the many places forbidden for me to go

Will someone else be granted into this space
Someone else be given access to this place
I would like to go there and be with you
I don’t fear ugly I suspect what is untrue

This man I love is he real or fantasy
A figment of a perfect man as I would have him be
Myths are lies too fantastic to touch
I want life with warts, flaws and such

I know for me you are the man you desire to be
But what is the point in living a lie to satisfy fantasy
In this perfect little world where our love rules
There is no room for mistakes and misguided fools

In others you rest your passion
Your lyrical voice with fanatical fashion
If only those thoughts lied with me
If only I could be the fantasy and reality

I suppose I will settle for being your wife
Never truly knowing the drive of your hidden life
Where you see sickness I see the recipe of my true love
Where you see separation I see stife unheard of

As I lay myself bare to you
I wonder will you ever follow through
As I tell my worst fears
You lie to stop the tears

All along I thought this was about quality not quantity
All along I believed I held enough variety
I suppose the biggest crime of all remains to face me
That you require more than me to fulfill your fantasy