Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make Mine a Heel Teaser

Banner sat straight up out of a dead sleep for no reason what so ever. She had her notepad and pen in hand; nothing new for her. Distractedly she dropped the pen and notepad, and reached into her purse to check her phone to set her alarm. 2:22 AM in the morning. She yawned, and got up to head to the bathroom. On the way back she heard noise coming from the viewing room. Not really thinking it through Banner headed for the door. At the door she heard the sound of muffled chatter. Confused she pushed the door open, and stepped into the room.

Keith was standing there pacing in front of the television. He was barefoot, and wearing a white wife beater with a pair of solid dark lounge pants. Staring blankly at the television he just continued walking back and forth.

“Keith, what are you doing up?” Banner asked before she could stop herself.

His eyes snapped to her, and stayed for a moment. Without looking away he paused the DVD that was playing. “Distracting myself. The real question is what are you doing up?” He started over towards her.

Banner told herself to move, but nothing happened. She just stared up into his dark green eyes as he moved closer to her. The next thing she knew he was looming over her just staring at her face. She could feel each part of her that his eyes glanced over. They started at her forehead, and then traveled over her cheekbones. Then her nose, her lips, her chin, and back up to her lips.

“I don’t have to tell you that you’re beautiful do I; you must know. Have to know.” His voice was low, and Banner stared up at him blankly. Her mind was dull not really processing what he was saying. His tone of voice was almost mesmerizing.

“I was hoping that you were sound asleep. I was for a few moments; my mind started to wonder. Then I started to dream. This ridiculous fantasy. . . I swear I’ve never . . .”, he fairly whispered, and stopped as if he said too much. “It made me. . curious.” His eyes swept her face again stopping at her lips. “I should’ve fought my mother, and gotten you out of arms reach.”

Something about the way he said the last made Banner put her hands against his chest. The intent was to push him away, but she felt the solid warmth of him, and forgot what she was going to do. The heat of his skin was almost burning, and solid as stone. As she stood there staring at her hands on his chest he moved closer. She could feel the heat of his face as he pushed his nose into her hair. His breath was on her cheek teasing her ear. Banner took a deep breath and slightly shuddered as her nails dug into his chest which offered no give whatsoever.

She tried to pull back finally, but it was too late. His hands were cupping her elbows holding her with no force she could feel, but she couldn’t pull away. Her eyes slid closed as she felt his lips softly brushing her cheek. Her nails dug into fabric as he pulled her closer bringing her body nearly flush with his. His lips roamed over her face like feathers against her skin. He brushed over her lips sweetly, and she gasped. Never had anyone touched her with that type of tenderness. She didn’t really think men were capable of such a thing.

The gasp caused him to press his lips to hers. They held like this for a moment, and she could feel the tip of his tongue brush her closed lips teasing the seam. Her back arched as he took one hand, and placed it at the small of it pushing in. Her lips parted letting him slowly push past them.

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