Thursday, October 30, 2014

Step Outside

I watched the news last evening, the world has come undone
I see the tide is changing has darkness finally come
I watched my soaps this morning and saw people I knew
I see them doing things that I never thought they’d do
I cried to myself as my hope started to want
I felt my mind part leaving me less than sane

Does God hear me calling?
Does He sense my need, feel my falling?
Never has a hero come before his time
Never aware of his fate till the last sign

I heard the radio playing songs of self hate and loathing
On the other station songs of cash and what you’re holding
A few songs about loss of love and the price of pride
One maybe of social injustice offering a hand to guide
Talk about the news, say something about our world today
Where are leaders for us, a helpful word to show the way

Does the world exist without a goal
Does man believe that only fate and God play a role
This is your world too, fight for what you believe
In no time others will rise and follow your lead

I watched, I see, I cried are we free
I heard, I know, I thought where will we I go
Not this way, I won’t cower, run and hide
I pulled on my coat and I stepped outside.