Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Manpaper The Origin - New Cuts

With every creation comes a great story.  Or so I'm here to convince you.

See yourself or me, a close relative, a friend in Texas years ago.  Its not all bad I promise. You're working in the warehouse district of Carrollton making real estate magazines in low cubicles with inefficient computers that crash every time you attempt to open PhotoShop and Illustrator at the same time.  You scan so many pictures in a day you literally have a station that just batch edits them for printing.  Now you're good with pictures.  You have to be.  Real estate agents are cheap and hardly ever get professional photographers to shoot their properties.  On top of that they like to have customizable pages that you have to design with their images superimposed on such festive backdrops as zebra print. Oh yes in full color.  

Its a glamorous lifestyle. The people need perks.  Its understandable. However you are in a male heavy workplace (sorry for this imagination segment you're a girl, try to enjoy it!). It would stand to reason that the only form of expression left to you in a sterile workplace is the very wallpaper you stare at for more then 10 hours a day due to months of mandatory over time.  So when male coworkers turn to Sports Illustrated cover models as desktop eye candy to make a better day you don't so much take offense as you decide to challenge the idea that women can't do the same.

You make a grand show of searching intently for the hottest men of the time carefully choosing one as equally naked as the girls you've seen on male desktops. You notice that one of your closest and coolest friends is torn as she participates in this attempted emancipation.  She has selected a male. She has pulled up several photos for the express purpose of lusting after during work time only to discover try as she might, it is impossible to pick just one. The light bulb is so bright it shadows the room.  You look at her with the gleam of insanity that inspires creation in your eyes and exclaim for all the world to hear.

You don't have to choose!

Thus my creation, manpapers. 

Manpapers are created through an intensive photo screening process. Only the choicest pics are selected to then be doctored and compiled in a single landscape of that male's greatest hits. I have determined that this, my greatest achievement should live again in this age for many, many hotties have graced our interwebs unmolested or objectified.

I shall give you these creations because they do not belong to me. . .they have always belonged to the people!

I open with an introduction video and the delicious Takeshi Kaneshiro:

And the wallpaper: